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Latest Update

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Latest news re moving back.

After discussions with the Council we can confirm the following:

The work to reinstate the retaining wall will start on 29 June. The delay in this is due to the Building Warrants etc that are required;
The work is expected to be complete on 7 August
Children cannot move back before work starts due to Health & Safety concerns;
Council will apply for Exceptional Closure days on 17, 18 and 19 August so children will return to school after summer break on Thursday 20 August (This is dependant on completion date being achieved).

Despite stories to the contrary we are assured that the Council are not aware of any 'hole' being found.

We will keep updating as further information is relayed to the Parent Council.

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Last Updated on Thursday, 21 May 2015 21:06

Further delay to return

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As you will now be aware the return to Newton Street has been delayed due to the collapse of a retaining wall which was NOT part of the refurbishment work.

Parent Council were notified on Tuesday about the incident as soon as possible after the Council had been notified and are waiting on the report from the engineers to be made available.

We were told at our meeting on Thursday 30 April that the work was on schedule for the Contractor to "hand back" the school on 17 May as previously agreed in order for an Occupation Certificate to be granted. The contractor was working holidays and weekends in order to meet this deadline and a Consultant was working with them to ensure the work met the standard expected.

We will now work with the headteacher, staff and Inverclyde Council  to assist in any issues that now arise.

We understand the disappointment  of parents/carers and the children but this delay could not be foreseen or avoided.

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Last Updated on Friday, 08 May 2015 15:09

Moving Home Delayed

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Move Home unavoidably delayed

The Parent Council has been informed regrettably that the move back to our Newton Street home has unavoidably had to be delayed by 2 weeks.

The proposed move back date of 8 May cannot be achieved despite the best efforts of the contractor.

They approached the council late last week to advise that they would require a further 2 weeks to bring the school up to the standard expected before pupils and staff could move back and start using the facilities.

The Special Closure dates of 5 – 7 May have now been changed to 18 – 20 May after an appeal to the Scottish Government to allow this. 

The Parent Council, and the Headteacher, were notified on Monday about this delay and although we are disappointed with the delay it is in the best interests of everyone involved to delay the return.
Last Updated on Tuesday, 21 April 2015 18:55
Read more: Moving Home Delayed

Inconsiderate Parking - Complaints received

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We have received complaints regarding parking at the opick up and drop off points especially the Newton Street/Fox Street area.

We would remind everyone who uses these areas of our previous advice which was confirmed by Police Scotland.

Be a Considerate Neighbour

Please be considerate to our neighbours when dropping off or picking up children from the new pick up points.

We would ask that you:

Do NOT park across driveways;
  • Do NOT park too close to junctions making turning AND crossing difficult;
  • Consider our new neighbours at all times;
  • Watch your speed when close to the pick up points;
  • Keep children away from the kerb to allow free access on the pavement;

Help unaccompanied children across roads where possible.

  • Thank you for your assistance in these matters.
Last Updated on Thursday, 27 November 2014 10:22

Work Underway

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Work got underway during the recent Easter holidays and Central Building Contractors have made visible progress as can be seen when you pass the old building.

The old staff room has been demolished and the stairs at the former office end have been removed and a hill allows access to ther playground. Classrooms have also been gutted in preparation for the next phase of work to get underway.

We will be receiving photographs from Inverclyde Council shortly and will post these when we receive them.
Last Updated on Thursday, 08 May 2014 15:06

Police Letter

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The school received the following letter from Inspector Steven Adams at Police Scotland's Community Policing Team.

Police Scotland

Road Safety is a priority concern for Police Scotland, and particularly the safety of children on our roads. Without doubt, I am sure as parents you share our desire to reduce road deaths and casualties.


Recently, concerns have been raised regarding inappropriate driving and inconsiderate parking around the bus pick up/drop off areas for Ardgowan Primary School. The onset of winter results in dark mornings and evenings which reduce visibility for both drivers and pedestrians, and consequently increase the risks for both.

The surface streets around these areas are not suitable for volume traffic and roads engineering is not an option.


Please respect the direction given by the crossing patrols who are employed to ensure the safety and education of your children. I would furthermore request that you drive and park within the law. Please do not obstruct or obscure the road markings.


Officers have been instructed to enforce Road Traffic legislation in these areas and will be in attendance over the forthcoming months.


Steven Adams


Community Policing Team


The Parent Council would remind parents of our article from June "Pick Up/Drop Off Points - Be Considerate" in which we gave advice on how to be considerate to other road users, pedestrians and our neighbours.

Last Updated on Thursday, 30 January 2014 15:43


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